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Water Features & Waterfalls

Water Features and Ponds

Water Features, Waterfalls & Ponds

Outdoor water features like trickling steams, peaceful ponds and gentle waterfalls can lend a calming vibe to your space…  almost like camping without leaving the house. 

Imagine entertaining friends and family alongside a beautiful , custom water feature or relaxing with a good book as you bask in the serenity, sights and sounds water elements have to offer. Whatever your lifestyle, we’ll help you create an incredible outdoor atmosphere you’ll look forward to spending time in.

Colorado’s Finest Hardscapes designs and installs custom Denver water features and aquascaping elements, and we’d like to make your dreams a reality, too!

The process begins with an understanding of your project. Have an idea in mind already? Great! Still not sure exactly what you want to do? No problem. We love to consult with our clients to create a unique, custom experience perfect for your outdoor setting. 

We design and install water features, ponds and more:

Bird Baths – Birds are fun to watch add an extra special touch of nature to any outdoor scene.  Attract more your environment with an inviting place for them to hydrate.

Fish ponds – Did you know you can have a slow-moving fish pond that will thrive in a Colorado winter? We’ll make sure your pond is deep enough to leave enough room for your fish to swim under the ice and can recommend the best plants to nourish your fish.

Fountains – Artfully placed fountains add a beautiful, soothing focal point, inspiring our bodies to relax after only a few moments of quiet listening.  We specialize in pond and pond-less fountains.

Streams – How does  a low-maintenance, rock-lined stream sound to you? Our customers agree there’s nothing that makes them feel more connected with nature than the sound of gently rippling water.

Water Gardens – If you’ve been avoiding water gardens because you think they’re high maintenance, think again. We’ll help you design a beautiful water garden that will practically take care of itself!

Waterfalls – We’ll  help you locate optimal slopes on your property or create the perfect berms to create the waterfalls of your dreams.

We'd love to help you with your water feature or pond project. Please contact us to get started. 

Your tranquil, backyard oasis waits!

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The first step in transforming your outdoor space should always start out as a collaborative effort with a landscaping expert. Give us a call for a complimentary consultation. We want to hear all about your vision and ideas.  If you don’t have any, don’t worry, we’re good at helping you realize the possibilities, too!

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